Ryder's Cove Boat Ramp Reservations - Offline
Ryder's Cove Ramp Permits are not required at this time.

Ryder's Cove Boat Ramp Reservations

Make a reservation to use the Ryder's Cove Boat Ramp for today or tomorrow. To make your reservation:
  1. Click today or tomorrow below
  2. Upon submit, you will be directed to pay for your reservation online.
  3. Only VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted for payment.
  4. Your reservation is not guaranteed until you have submitted and PAID for your reservation request. Even if the site indicates 2 reservations remain, the first two users to SUBMIT AND PAY FOR their reservation requests will receive those reservations, and any other users that had started the reservation form but had yet to FINISH AND SUBMIT will not receive a reservation.
  5. You must be able to print a copy of this permit to be displayed in your windshield
  6. Once you have submitted your reservation request, you are guaranteed 15 minutes to complete your credit card payment. If you do not complete your credit card payment within 15 minutes, you may lose your reservation and have to re-reserve your space.
  7. This permit is for use of the ramp only. All marked trailer spaces at the landing are for Chatham Resident/Tax-payers only. Ramp pass-holders may park along Old Comers Road shoulder.
The Ryder's Cove Boat Ramp is limited to 80 reservations each day. 40 of the ramp passes are reserved for sale beginning at 6:00 AM on the day of use.

Remaining reservations: 80

Remaining reservations: 40