Find Town Meeting and Warrant Articles

Choose Town Meeting from the list.

Annual Town Meeting (Always in the Format TM-YEAR, Year = Year of Annual Town Meeting)


Special Town Meeting (Always in the format of STM-YEAR-MONTH, Year = Year of Special Town Meeting and Month = First Three Letters of the Month the Special Town Meeting occurred.)

After you choose your Town Meeting a list of Articles for that Town Meeting will appear, grouped as follows:
  • Finance/Budget Articles
  • Capital Articles
  • Zoning Articles
  • Community Preservation Articles
  • Other Town Articles
  • Petition Articles

Clicking on any article row will show you the Warrant Article Details for that article. If you click on the link under the Warrant Report Column titled “Report” you will see the Warrant Report (when available) for that article.

The Warrant Article Details page displays information related to the selected article, grouped as follows:

  • Identification – Shows basic data including article number, proposed dollar amount, vote required, sponsor, article developer, category, Board of Selectmen position and date of their vote. If you would like to e-mail a question or provide a comment to the article sponsor or developer simply click on the appropriate party.
  • Public Hearings/Informational Forums and Meetings – Provides clickable links to records of these items, including Sudbury TV broadcasts where available.
  • Online Information – Provides links to other relevant information available on the Town website.
  • Documents – Where applicable, provides links to other documents not on the Town website that relate to the selected article.
  • Town Meeting Presentations – Provides links to presentations made at Town Meeting on the selected article (available after Town Meeting).

Clicking on the < or > arrows at the top of the Warrant Article Details page will move the page forward or back one on the list article at a time.

Clicking on the Find Meeting and Warrant Articles or Warrant Article Details tabs at the top of the screen will switch you back and forth between the article list and article details views.